IFS - International Food Standard

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The IFS Food is a standard for auditing retailer and wholesaler branded food product suppliers / manufacturers. The food standard is designed for companies who undertake the following activities:

1. processing
2. handling of loose food products and / or
3. primary packing activities

The IFS Standard Document is split into 4 parts:
Part 1
Audit Protocol (The audit protocol describes the specific requirements made on organisations involved in IFS Food Audits)
Part 2
Requirements (The requirements section of the standard details the clauses that companies will be audited against)
Part 3
Requirements for Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies and Auditors (This section of the standard details the standard owner’s requirements for Accreditation and Certification Bodies to ensure consistent application of the standard)
Part 4
Reporting, AuditXpress Software and the IFS Portal (This section of the standard details more information for Certification Bodies)

The requirements section of the Standard is divided into five chapters containing a total of 251 clauses.
The chapter headings are as follows:
  • Senior Management Responsibility
  • Quality Management System
  • Resource Management
  • Production Process
  • Measurements, Analysis, Improvements     
Companies preparing for an IFS Audit will find a checklist in Annex 5 of the Standard, this checklist is a great tool and it can be used for internal audit purposes or to undertake a gap analysis in preparation for your initial IFS Version 5 audit.