IQNet SR 10 - 

> Benefits for your Organisation

By implementing an SR 10 Social Responsibility Management System, your organization will be positioned as socially responsible, standing out from the competition and positively strengthening your image with all stakeholders.

Leadership and Business Management

  • Positions the organisation as socially responsible
  • Improves communication and understanding of expectations and needs of all stakeholders
  • Promotes a more balanced decision-making process that involves all stakeholders
  • Allows integration with management systems based on other standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA8000 etc.) and excellence models (EFQM, FUNDIBEQ, etc.)
  • Improves the organisation’s risk management practices
  • Increases employees’ loyalty, involvement, participation and morale
  • Improves workers’ health and safety
  • Has a positive impact on the capacity to hire, motivate and retain employees
  • Generates innovation

Social and Environmental

  • Reduces negative impacts on society and the environment
  • Favours the promotion and start-up of SR initiatives and programmes
  • Stimulates the implementation of actions and initiatives that represent a positive impact on ecosystems and biodiversity

Financial and Commercial

  • Improves competitiveness and contributes to accessing funding and relations with investors and partners
  • Supports an organisation to positively differentiate from the competition
  • Strengthens the organisation’s image with clients, consumers, shareholders, investors, community
  • Increases savings associated with increased productivity and resource efficiency, decreased energy and water consumption, reduced wastes and the recovery of valuable by-products
  • Prevents or reduces potential conflicts with consumers on products and services

Disclaimer: Although IQNet SR 10 specification is publicly available, SR10 certification scheme is supported by IQNet certification rules. IQNet recognizes only SR10 certificates which are complying with these established rules, namely to be issued by an authorized IQNet Partner.